Missed Thunderstorms

Wow!  Yesterday had such hype and anticipation of thunderstorms that I could barely contain myself.  I had actually allowed myself to get excited at the idea that we are going to get some severe thunderstorms.  I anxiously awaited the entire day as we received nothing in the form of rain, wind, lightning or even a rumble of thunder.  I guess if I should be upset at anyone, it should be myself.  We’ve been in a drought for so long and the ground is cracking in our lawn to a point that we desperately need rain.

It is not as if the meteorologists were wrong about the forecast, because there were some storms around, just not here.  I am a storm enthusiast and love severe weather. I just long for Spring thunderstorms every year and get excited when they come but this time, I was really disappointed. I was so ready to experience the excitement of a good storm and all we  had was sun.  I’ve long decided that you cannot listen to what the meteorologists say.  Usually if you read their charts with the sound muted,  you get a pretty good picture of reality.  Yesterday, most were speaking of what time the storms were supposed to begin, yet their charts said a 40% of precipitation.

I should have gotten a clue by such a low chance of rain but I allowed myself to get worked up and excited just to be let down.  It is strange that it bothered me so much that it missed us but it really did.  I went to bed last night feeling such a let down which seems kind of silly when you think of it. Nevertheless, I was really really bummed when I went to bed.  This morning I woke up with a pounding headache and a stopped up head.  I think some of that is just allergies since after all, it is Spring and many trees and flowers are trying to bloom despite not having any water.

I guess my being bummed is one reason that I don’t really get into sports that much. I allow myself to get into the game so much so that I get really down if my team loses. 🙂  It seems pretty immature when you say it but that is me. I got to experience my first tornado at about five years old and the excitement was so much that I’ve been hooked ever since.  Without a doubt, storm season is my favorite time of the year. Hopefully we’ll get more opportunities and this drought can be a thing of the past.  I’ll keep you posted if things change.  Thank you for stopping by.

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