Month: April 2017

New QSL Card

For the first time in years, I have ordered some QSL cards for my ham radio hobby.  I ordered them from a place called QSL Works.  I supplied the picture of Oklahoma City to be used as the front of the cards.  The text is on the back side for collecting information about the contact.  I figure since we are finally settled in a home with no intentions of moving anytime soon, that it was time to get some cards made.  I hope you like them.

Feeling a bit Sick this Morning

I had a rough night of throwing up that I am just zapped of energy.  I was laying in bed and will likely go back to bed, except that I keep getting awaken by phone calls of an exercise on base.  It keeps telling me that we have a 100% accountability check and that it wants me to check in.  I’ve unsuccessfully attempted so that I just sent an email to my wife and boss to check me in.  I still feel pretty bad and want to go lay back down.  I hate burning sick days but today I clearly do not feel good.

I will get this posted and make another attempt at going back to bed.

Sprinkler System Installation

This past week we finally started a project that we’ve been saving for a long time.  We’ve talked about installing a sprinkler system for years but never got around to doing it.  On Thursday, April 13th we had Oklahoma Irrigation install our system for us.  They were over half way through when it began to rain.  They had to stop work until it was over and dried up a bit.  It was too wet to work on it the next day, yesterday.

They were going to come back yesterday but it was too wet. It looks like tomorrow (Easter) it is scheduled to rain again so they may not even be back on Monday.  We’ll see how conditions are.  I will never complain about getting rain so to me, I am okay with the delay.  Yes, the lawn is torn up but this is the third year in a row so I think we can handle it.  The first year, we had a storm shelter installed, then it was the ham radio tower pad and finally, now it is the sprinkler system.  I guess this will force our hand on dealing with the non grass around the storm shelter (cellar).  We are going to have to place some sod around it to get it growing now so that we don’t have erosion.  We’ve been holding off for this very project to get completed.

As you can see in these pictures, the lawn is a real mess.  We wanted to mow it and edge it last weekend but could not because the utility companies had to come out and mark the locations of their lines across the lawn.  They did this with paint and flags so I could not mow the flags over.  I can’t wait to get this project complete and the lawn begin to repair itself.  I’ll keep you posted with more pictures as it moves forward.

Finally Some Rain

After nearly two months of no rain, we finally manage to get a couple inches of rain on March 28th.  Then we got another quarter inch on April first.  We need much more than that but it is a good start.  This morning I got up and it was really foggy and there were many birds singing loudly.  It is hard to imagine a better morning.  Of course, waking up to a rainy day would be better but I am satisfied for now. 🙂

We’ve had a great weekend with family visiting from out of town.  Yesterday we mowed the lawn for the first time though it was the second time for my dad’s lawn.  The only reason we made it this long on our lawn was because we have no weeds and the Bermuda grass is slow to turn green.  We are very blessed to have a pretty lawn this year.  I just hope the rain continues so that we can end this horrible drought.  I am very thankful for the rain we received.

I will continue to post on this blog and try my best to avoid politics.  It is not worth the arguing that ensues. 🙂

Trip to Tucson

The last week of February we took a trip to Tucson, Arizona for my wife’s work and I tagged along.  Tucson is where my wife and I had our first home together after we got married.  I was in the Air Force and was stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB.  We have lots of wonderful memories there and so I didn’t want to miss this trip.

In this picture we were standing on the balcony of our hotel room at the Radisson Suite Hotel. We chose this hotel for a specific reason. My wife use to work at this hotel when we lived there but since we were young and low income at the time, we could never afford to stay there when we actually lived there.

I had to take a picture of this billboard simply because anyone that has ever driven Interstate 10 (I-10) between El Paso, TX and Phoenix, AZ will remember these billboards. This is nothing more than a gas station and “The Mystery of the Desert”.  There are literally hundreds of these billboards on this stretch of freeway.

In this picture you can see the white sand as we travel the road between Alamogordo and Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I’ve been past this spot many many times as my mom was born in Fair Acres, NM, just outside of Las Cruces. We’ve traveled to that part of the state so many times that I can’t count.

In this picture you can see the New Mexico state line coming from Arizona on Interstate 10 (I-10).  The Land of Enchantment is a phrase that I’ve heard hundreds of times over my lifetime due to my mom being from there.  I have great love for my family that still lives there. That is a very beautiful state that feels like home to me.  I really miss my mom and being able to go see my family there, is one way that I can stay close to her.  We lost my mom in 2005 and as you can imagine, there is no amount of money that could amount to the value of spending another minute with my mom.  Going to New Mexico, the place that she always called home and loved so much sort of makes me feel close to her.

I hope to be able to go back and see my family as often as possible.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures. To see the entire album on Flickr, just click on any one of them and you’ll be taken to the unedited full resolution versions.