Multicast Digital TV

Since American television stations made the conversion to digital back in 2009, there was the debate whether stations would opt to use their bandwidth for a high definition signal or use it for multicast broadcasting where a single channel will have multiple channels.  It appears that stations are able to do both to some degree.  Most major network channels broadcast at 1080i or at least 720p.  The secondary channels seem to be mostly lower resolution programming. There have been many new multicast networks that have appeared and gone away.  Here in Oklahoma City, we’ve had Antenna TV, MeTV, Get TV, Grit TV, Charge, Comet, EscapeLaff TV, Bounce, among others.  Recently with Sinclair TV stations creating their own networks, they have bumped a couple networks that we really enjoyed. We lost Grit TV and GetTV because they were on Sinclair stations.  So far we’ve managed find Get TV on another station in the local area. I really hope that we get Grit TV back.  We’ve also lost Laff TV and Bounce. I hope we get them back as well.

I do wish they would carry these stations on the satellite companies like Dish Network and DirecTV.  It is clear this is an ongoing evolution with networks becoming either growing market share or going out of business. As someone that has always been into this sort of thing, I am pulling for all of them to succeed.  I am hoping that we get even more of them.  Here in Oklahoma City, I have scanned 58 channels over the air.  That is another issue.  People need to remember to re-scan their TV’s frequently to capture these changes.  To be honest, I re-scan our TV at lease once a week.  I am constantly finding changes with new channels coming online and others going away. It is like a treat to find another channel.  If you haven’t re-scanned your TV with an over the air antenna, do it and you may be surprised.

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