New Web Site

This week, I changed my web site because of an event that happened earlier this week.  On Sunday, I received an email from telling me that my page had some malware in it and that I needed to clean up the files that it listed.  Monday I was at work during my lunch, I received an email from telling me that I should have received an email about some malware on my site.

I told the man that if my site was resulting in putting their company at risk, then lock it down and I would call them back when I got home from work and I would deal with it.  The man then told me they have a protection program that could help search and remove any malware or hacks that had happened to my site and that it only cost $240.00 a year.  He said that since I had been renewing my domain name in two year increments that it would only cost me $480.00 for this added protection.

That call was certainly what I needed to jar myself to make a change. I’ve had my site at on for 11 years.  Each renewal, I debated with myself if I should move to another hosting provider since seemed to go up in price every time that I renewed.  I always decided to stay with them simply because my service had been very dependable prior to this phone call.

My page was paid up through 2018 but I decided to go with another provider since all I used this site for was my WordPress blog.  Even then it was only occasional.  I decided to move to Premium for $99.00 per year.  So far I like MOST of it but I should have done some reading before moving.

When I had my domain hosted at, I used the Blogolife theme that I loved and had worked great for me.  I didn’t realize when I moved over to that it only had it’s own themes and you could not bring your own theme unless you subscribed to the Business account.  Unfortunately the Business account is more than twice the price of the Premium account.  Since I had purchased the Blogolife theme, and have a copy of it, I may move to another self hosted site when this year is over. We will see when the time comes.

I do not mean to bad mouth because in all honesty, I’ve had great service with them for 11 years.  This call that I received was a little suspicious to me and did not give me a comfortable feeling.  As a knee jerk reaction, I decided to find another home for my site before I was kicked off for having a malware site that did not come from me. Any malware that my site had, must have come from a hack, or either it was untrue to begin with.  I just didn’t feel that I was going to get a fair shake on this so I decided to move on.  That is why I registered this new domain of

While my current theme is not quite what I had before, it will get me through the next year until I can find away to get my old theme back without paying a fortune to build a business account for my personal page.

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