First Freeze of 2017 – 2018 Season

This was a screenshot of our weather station at 7:47 this morning.  It is October 28, 2017 and the last time it was this cold was last December.  I am glad to see the cooler weather. It has been so hot for so long that it is refreshing not running the air conditioner. For the record, two days ago, we were running the air conditioner.

I would like to see some snow this winter as well. The last two winters were not good for getting any snow. We are due for a good deep snowstorm this Winter.  Maybe this cooler weather will stop the need for mowing our lawn.  Maybe some of the wasp nests will be killed off. We must be the wasp capital of the world. They are everywhere you go around here.  A couple days ago, I looked up to the top of the tower and saw eight wasps flying around it near the top.  I just thought I would share the cool weather with the rest of you.

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