Month: March 2018

Just Returned from Trip

Yesterday, March 16th, we returned home from a trip to Tucson, AZ for my work.  It was busy, fun and pretty tiresome and I am glad to be home. We were gone for two weeks.

Going to Tucson is always rewarding for several reasons.  The first being that my mom loved this place and we went to visit every year when I was a kid.  The second was that when I was in the Air Force, my first base was Davis-Monthan AFB, in Tucson.  My wife and I lived there first during our Air Force career.

My mom loved going to Old Tucson Studios where many Western and cowboy movies were made.

There were several John Wayne movies made at this location and so we really love the place.  Some of my mom’s greatest memories were from here.  We lost her in 2005 but I know she really loved it.

In this picture above, you can see the many many saguaro cactus that are part of the Sonoran desert. These cactus are protected since this is the only place in the world they grow.  It takes 100 years for them to grow a single arm.  They are priceless and protected for good reason.

In this picture you can see Golden Gate Mountain, in the Tucson Mountain range. It is visible in many western movies such as the High Chaparral, Rio Bravo, etc.  It is very impressive up close as it is covered by thousands of saguaro cactus.

In this picture you can see the many species of cactus that are native to the Sonora Desert.  There are the saguaro, the cholla, and even the Palo Verde trees visible in this picture.

In the picture above, you can see a view of the city of Tucson as seen from the top of Mount Lemmon.  This mountain is 9,157 feet in elevation and is the highest peak in the Santa Catalina mountains on the North side of Tucson. It is 27 miles from the bottom to the top but takes nearly an hour to drive because it has such winding roads.  The city of Tucson goes right up to the Catalina mountains but as you can see from this view, there is a mountain in the foreground that blocks the view of most of the city.

We really had a good time but I have to say that I am glad to be home where I can rest.  This was a work trip for both me and my wife but more so for her.  Now we have a few more memories to hold onto.  Thank you for stopping by.