Shortwave Radio Listening

Awesome new shortwave radio.// My lifestyle has changed so much over the last few years that I’ve barely been using my Amateur Radio license and equipment. Recently I’ve been looking at a few shortwave listening groups on Facebook. While reading around in these groups, I’ve run across a few radios that I thought would be cool. Of course, I could just use my HF radio for shortwave listening, I can’t take it out on the back porch to listen. I thought I would settle on this radio, the Tecsun PL-880. It is really a nice radio with super sensitivity and channel separation. I’ve had this for about a week so far and I love it. It is so cool to listen to. I also enjoy medium wave (MW) AM radio DX at night. This radio does a great job at that as well. This radio does a great job scanning and automatically storing the channels in many pages of channels. It has 3,050 channels of storage. While it is expensive for its size, I am very pleased with it. I also love that it only has one battery that is chargeable via USB. I love this radio and will recommend it.

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