Social Media Censorship

The last year has been absolutely insane how both Facebook and Twitter have been censoring our content. If you even so much as post a message that contains the words election or vote, they will add a message to your message to create the illusion that you are posting false information.

Look! Even if you wanted to post false information, it is not their place to say. Free speech does not have a moderator, and especially not for only once side. I’ve noticed over the last month or so that it has gotten way worse. They singularly censor any posts that have contrary opinions to their own. I’ve had a Facebook Page since September 30, 2006 and I’ve had a Twitter page since January 1, 2007.

Today is the day that I canceled both of them, along with my Instagram account. I do love using all three programs but there has to be a point where you can non longer live in the Communist dictatorial platforms they have become. I understand, freedom of speech, means different ideas. These two companies while spending the last four years promoting a lie that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, and then the Ukrainians, and finally Chinese, have the gall to do exactly that.

These two companies use their monopoly status, and government exemptions from responsibilities of liable to intentionally interfere with the 2020 election. They have no shame and continue to do it this very day. For this reason, I’ve decided to move to Parler, just for the sake of freedom of speech. I don’t care if you think it is an Conservative echo chamber, I want to be able to speak freely without being censored. If they start to censor our comments, then I’ll move on.

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