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Cancelled Flickr

Today I cancelled my Flickr account that I’ve had since June 30, 2005.  It is kind of sad but it was time.  I’ve been a Flickr Pro account holder the entire time but over time, Yahoo! seemed to neglect them and their mobile app became slow and sluggish.  About two years ago, Verizon bought Yahoo! and shortly afterward sold off Flickr separately to Smugmug.  I received an email yesterday saying that free accounts would be limited to 1,000 photos and Pro accounts would retain unlimited storage but the price would increase from $24.95 to $49.99 per year.

While fifty dollars is not that expensive per year, when you add to it that the mobile app has become so slow over time, I decided that it was time.  Most of my family and friends stopped using Flickr a long time ago so they would never see the picture that I would post anyway.

Probably my favorite feature of Flickr was the ability to blog photos while keeping them on Flickr and not use up the limited space that I have on this blog.  I recently learned how to do this on Google Photo so I can still blog my photos.  I will see how this works for now and if it doesn’t work long term, I’ll look at another method.  So now if you go to my Flickr page located, there are no photos to see.

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Flickr and Smugmug

Wow!  I just discovered that Flickr was sold from Yahoo! to Smugmug.  I am not sure if this is good or bad but I am cautiously optimistic.  It was widely covered, last year, 2017 that Yahoo! was selling itself and that Verizon was the winner with $4.5 Billion.  To me, that was very sad since Yahoo! was the first search engine that made it big.  As the pioneer, I really pulled for them to succeed but due to poor management decisions, they fell by the way side and shrunk in market share.

Yahoo! acquired Flickr in March 2005 and for some reason, never really put the resources needed for them to succeed, despite having a huge member base.  I joined Flickr with a Pro account in June 2005 and have been a paid member ever since.  They’ve had free versions but I wanted the unlimited account.  When Verizon took over Yahoo!, they merged them with America Online (AOL) under a new brand name Oath.  They sold off Flickr to Smugmug, a long time competitor to Flickr.

As a paid, Pro member of Flickr for 13 years, I’ve always been a fan and though a couple times, I considered dropping them due to Yahoo!’s neglect of them.  Flickr has been a very cool sight for photographers where you can upload your non reduced, original photos and share them with the world.  Now that Flickr is under new management, I am hopeful they can revive them back to relevance again.  I am going to renew my Pro account and hopefully we’ll see some improvements soon.

Many people today think that since Facebook allows uploads and so does Instagram, there is no more need for Flickr.  That is not true because those sights are not geared toward real photographers, with full size photos.  They are not even in the same category.  One thing that Flickr does that I use extensively is post on my personal blog with embedded images that are stored on Flickr.   This is huge because it prevents me from using up all my storage on my web hosting provider with photos.  In fact, the very photo that you see at the beginning of this blog, is hosted on my Flickr account.

While Google has their Google Photos, they are not the same.  They are very nice but they don’t have a designated page where the user can make their photos public for everyone to see.  I have family and friends that do not want their pictures published publicly and with Flickr, I can make some public while others are not.  I can share them with friends only, family only, public, or only me.  Who knows if this change will make things better but I sure hope so. Keep an eye out for my page and I’ll post more on it later as things change.