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El Nino

I routinely get emails from the Climate Prediction Center about La Nina ENSO Neutral or El Nino conditions in the equatorial area of the Eastern Pacific Ocean.  The last two months, they’ve predicted a 60% chance of El Nino in the Northern Hemisphere, fall season with a 70% chance by Winter.

For Oklahoma, this could be great news since the last to El Nino years, we received more than 50 inches of rain.  We’ve been in La Nina (drought) years for the last two years and have struggled to get even normal rainfall. While none of this is guaranteed, it is certainly exciting potential news for our area, that is, if you like rain the way I do.  In 2015 we had 52 inches of rain, and 18 of those inches fell in the month of May alone.  In 2007 we had 50 inches of rain, tropical storm Erin and a major ice storm that left more than a million people without power, statewide and more than 300,000 just in the Oklahoma City area.

While I don’t wish any physical harm to people or property, I do love stormy weather, and even just rain.  I am very hopeful this is a wet year coming our way.  We need a good wet year to overcome the seemingly never ending droughts that we’ve been having.  I’ll be watching and hoping for a positive outcome.

Awesome Clouds!

Summer time in Oklahoma is not very active with weather unless you like hot dry days for weeks on end.  A few days ago we had a small disturbance that came over Texas and brought a lot of rain to them but nothing to us except some cumulus clouds that wanted to forma storm but just didn’t have all of the ingredients.

I took this picture from my backyard, looking toward the South at some pretty looking clouds. While we didn’t get anything from them except for a little shade, they were certainly pleasant to look at.  As you know, I love weather and really enjoy a good thunderstorm.  It still amazes me that God put together such a great place that can sustain itself and provide such an ideal living environment.  I apologize for the antennas blocking the view but I am after all an amateur radio operator as well. 🙂

Wildfires and Drought

I know it seems like I am always posting about our never ending drought but this past week it has reached a critical point with ~400,000 acres of land burning in Oklahoma.  I took this picture from my front yard, this week, April 13, 2018 of the sun before it set.  You can see how thick the smoke was not only by looking at the sun but by looking at the haze between my vantage point and the neighbor’s houses. The amazing thing was these fires that were causing this smoke were 100 miles away.

This picture shows the same view without being zoomed up.  You can see that it was very thick and we had a air quality alert going on at the time.

In the last picture, you can see the view from the backyard with our weather station in the foreground.  Forgive the mess with the tree limbs. We cut some tree limbs and were waiting for the bulk pickup from the city.

Today is a huge blessing as we are getting our first significant rainfall in months.  As of me posting this, we have .56 inch of rain for the morning so far and I can still hear the rain falling.  We desperately needed this rain and I hope it continues for many hours to come.  It is getting old waking up to the smell of wildfires every morning.  It smells like someone is burning in their fireplace but then you realize, that it is not cold outside.

This has been a cooler than normal Spring, though we’ve had virtually no moisture to speak of. Tulsa is 100 miles from us and they’ve had more than three times the moisture that we’ve had here in Oklahoma City.  Hopefully today’s rains are a sign things are changing.  I just wanted to share a few photos of the smoke this week. Thanks for stopping by.

First Freeze of 2017 – 2018 Season

This was a screenshot of our weather station at 7:47 this morning.  It is October 28, 2017 and the last time it was this cold was last December.  I am glad to see the cooler weather. It has been so hot for so long that it is refreshing not running the air conditioner. For the record, two days ago, we were running the air conditioner.

I would like to see some snow this winter as well. The last two winters were not good for getting any snow. We are due for a good deep snowstorm this Winter.  Maybe this cooler weather will stop the need for mowing our lawn.  Maybe some of the wasp nests will be killed off. We must be the wasp capital of the world. They are everywhere you go around here.  A couple days ago, I looked up to the top of the tower and saw eight wasps flying around it near the top.  I just thought I would share the cool weather with the rest of you.

No Rain Again!!!


Somehow we missed getting any rain once again.  My phone was going off left and right over severe thunderstorm warnings, flood advisories and we didn’t even get a sprinkle.  We were going West on I-240 when I took this picture with my iPhone 7+.  We had family over and so we were taking the opportunity to go out as a family and have a good meal.  I just thought it was a great picture not to share.  Also this was a test to see how hard it would be to post pictures from my Google Photos account.


Finally Some Rain

After nearly two months of no rain, we finally manage to get a couple inches of rain on March 28th.  Then we got another quarter inch on April first.  We need much more than that but it is a good start.  This morning I got up and it was really foggy and there were many birds singing loudly.  It is hard to imagine a better morning.  Of course, waking up to a rainy day would be better but I am satisfied for now. 🙂

We’ve had a great weekend with family visiting from out of town.  Yesterday we mowed the lawn for the first time though it was the second time for my dad’s lawn.  The only reason we made it this long on our lawn was because we have no weeds and the Bermuda grass is slow to turn green.  We are very blessed to have a pretty lawn this year.  I just hope the rain continues so that we can end this horrible drought.  I am very thankful for the rain we received.

I will continue to post on this blog and try my best to avoid politics.  It is not worth the arguing that ensues. 🙂