I have been an Amateur (ham) Radio operator since I was 17 years old. I passed my original test in in April 1983.  Since ham radio has been such a big part of my life, it is only fitting that I would want a page dedicated to it.  My dad, formerly K5GLH, changed his call sign to NF5L back in 1979 when he upgraded to the Extra Class license.  He held onto that call until the mid 1990’s when he changed it to W5QO.  My original call sign was KA5QNB until October 1993 when I changed it to KB7ZCO when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  I really hated that call sign because no one could understand me on the radio. I almost always had to spell it out phonetically.  When I moved back to Oklahoma City I changed my call sign to my dad’s original call, K5GLH because it had such a powerful meaning to me.  I use to sit around the desk listening to my dad calling CQ CQ from K5GLH, Kilo Five Golf Lima Hotel.

Beam Cable Replacement

In this picture, you can see my GAP Titan DX vertical antenna at my new QTH.

K5GLH Ham Shack

This was my shack before I sold my house.  We are currently living in an apartment while our home is being built.  We should be moving into a new home this year so I will be able to put my gear back on the air.  I am just as much a computer fan as I am a ham radio fan.  In 2002, I was bored with nothing to do when my wife was busy all the time.  I experimented with iphone (Vocaltec), then Ilink, then Echolink, and then Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP).  I put up an IRLP node in September 2002 that later became the Del City Amateur Radio Club.  Later we put up another repeater and now it has been nearly a decade.  I will try to update this page from time to time as i have time.

New Personal IRLP Node 7734

IRLP node 7734

Since I do not have my ham radio gear, and do not live in Del City anymore, I had to improvise to be able to talk on the Del City ARC repeaters.  As most of you know, we sold our Del City home in July 2010.  All of my ham radio gear went into storage until we get a new house.  The only thing that I kept out of storage was my dual band, 2 meter, 70 centimeter hand held radio.  We temporarily moved into an apartment in Midwest City while we wait to get our new home.  I can reach the repeaters from this apartment but not very good from inside with the low power that the hand held will produce.

Since both repeaters have IRLP/Echolink capability, I put together another, Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) node so that I can connect into either of the repeaters.  This is the third one that I have put together and this one is for personal use.  It signed on the air May 18, 2011 from Midwest City, Oklahoma.  Sure it can be used for a mile or so but will not have much range for others to use.  Anyone can use it but it will not be of much use for very far.  This new node is a simplex node on 445.95 MHz.  It has a PL tone of 162.2  It has an IRLP node number of 7734 and an Echolink node number of 23943.  The node does not carry the Del City Amateur Radio Club call sign of W5DEL but rather K5GLH for IRLP and K5GLH-L for Echolink.

IRLP node 7734

This node will help resolve my inability to have reliable communications through our own repeaters.  I have tested it and it performs very well.  I may play around with it and add Allstar Link capability to it and if it works out, I may add it to the other repeaters as well.  As you can see from the picture, it is running on a magnetic mount dual band antenna stuck on top of a metal filing cabinet.  We will be living in these apartments near Regional Park until around August 2011.  If you are near that area, you can likely reach it without much power.  Again, since it is simplex, there will be no courtesy tones or anything like that.  If you hear a once sided conversation, then you are probably hearing the node speaking to me on my weak handie talkie.  I am excited to get this one on the air and so I can get back into ham radio, at least a little bit.

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