I am also on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) under the call sign WRAP445.


I have been an Amateur (ham) Radio operator since I was 17 years old. I passed my Novice test in in April 1983, my Technician in June 1983, my General in November 1989, my Extra in July 2004.  Since ham radio has been such a big part of my life, it is only fitting that I would want a page dedicated to it.  My dad, formerly K5GLH, changed his call sign to NF5L back in 1982 when he upgraded to Amateur Extra Class license.  He held onto that call until the mid 1990′s when he changed it to W5QO.  My original call sign was KA5QNB until October 1993 when I requested a seven call sign since we lived in Phoenix, AZ.  I received the call sign KB7ZCO.  I really hated that call sign because no one could understand me on the radio. I almost always had to spell it out phonetically.  When I moved back to Oklahoma City I changed my call sign to my dad’s original call, K5GLH, in 2001, because it had such a powerful meaning to me.  I use to sit around the desk listening to my dad calling CQ CQ from K5GLH, Kilo Five Golf Lima Hotel.

Below is the new Rohn 55G tower at 52 feet with no antennas on it, that we installed December 30, 2016.


Soon this tower will hold our antennas so that my wife and I can get back on the air in a meaningful way.  As you can see the tower is bare and has no antennas on it at all. This is because we installed an RT Innovations Razor for raising and lowering the antennas to work on them without having to climb the tower.


The pole on the top will be a very thick 6061, T6 Aluminum, 2″, OD, .375 wall thickness as you can see in the picture below.


While I already have this pole and the RT Razor, I have to wait to go any further as next up will be the Yaesu G1000DXA antenna rota-tor that we can mount our bent coat hanger for maximum DX. 🙂  The antenna below is our GAP Titan DX that we used to use at my old QTH, for most of the HF bands. We still have it but in the move, some of the pieces went missing so it is not installed.

GAP Titan DX Antenna

Right now we are using an Alpha Delta DX-LB Plus multi-band dipole for HF. In the picture you see below, we have a two meter/70 centimeter dual band vertical antenna about 25 feet above the ground on top of a 13 element two meter beam.
Beam Cable Replacement

As our tower project progresses, I’ll post more pictures and tell the story here.

My DMR https://brandmeister.network/?page=hotspot&id=3140504

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