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Happy Birthday to My Dad


Yesterday we had a family get together to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday.  His birthday isn’t for a couple more weeks but we had to settle on a date where family members could get together from out of town. We had 19 people people there to visit and it was really fun.  We had others that were not in this picture but they opted not to be posted online.  Our day was very loud.  If you’ve ever been in a room with 19 people talking loudly at the same time, you can get a sense of how it was.  We had fun and hope everyone there enjoyed it as much as I did.  It was a warm 96 degrees when taking this picture so everyone was anxious to get back inside where the air conditioner was running.  We had family that came from as far as 100 miles away to visit.

I’ve always been close to my family and wanted to say happy birthday to the best dad in the world. I just wish my mom could have been there as well.